Sinco Memorabilia Museum

Museo Vicente, founded in 1949 to honor the legacy of Dr. Vicente G. Sinco, is located in Foundation University in Dumaguete city. The on-campus museum extensively compiles both the works of Dr. Sinco and the arts from different parts of the country. The works, writings, relics and memorabilia of Dr. Sinco's travels within and without the country can fully be accessed in this museum. Additionally; pictures, fine art, archeological discoveries and numismatics restricted to the Philippines are available within the museum.

Who is Dr. Vicente G. Sinco?

A resident of Negros Oriental by birth, Dr. Vicente G. Sinco humbly moved up the social ladder becoming an prominent figure. Some his contributions to the country include writing of the Philippine constitution, Initiating the Philippines' participation in world affairs. In 1945 he was the Philippines' UN representative and signed the United Nations Charter. He has also acted as a faithful consultant of some of the presidents in the Philippines. He headed the college of Law, as the Dean, at the University of the Philippines and also steered the university as the president between 1958-1962. He is also honored as the founder of Foundation university.

Foundation University

Founded in July 4, 1949 by Dr. Vicente G. Sinco, Foundation University is a private non-profit as well as a non-sectarian institution. The university was born at dawn of the Philippine independence. Asian's first democracy after the World War II.

Touring the Museo Vicente

The university offers a pre-arranged guided tour. To appreciate the art works of early Negrenses as researched by Dr. Sinco during his masters, you can book a guided tour here here.

Sinco Memorabilia Museum

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Sinco Memorabilia Museum