Forest Camp

The municipality of Valencia is one of the three major interior towns in Negros Oriental. It is the home of different top tourist attractions in the province. Valencia offers the best of both worlds, a serene place to settle down and relax and a small yet adequate town center whose center piece is The Spanish Fountain. This mountainside community located at the foot of Mount Talinis has become very popular with those looking for a place to retire. Valencia is also a great place for an escape from the heat of the summer because of its many lakes, springs, and waterfalls. It offers plenty of attractions for a whole or half day trip while visiting Dumaguete and surrounding provinces.

History of Forest Camp in Valencia

One of the most famous resorts in Valencia, Negros Oriental is the well-known Forest Camp. This mountain resort is about 20 minutes by car or scooter from the heart of Dumaguete City. It began as a 2.3 hectare private property owned by the Florante and Melba Vicuña. Originally they started out with only a couple of huts where their family and friends came together for picnics. Because of its perfect location and cooler climate with fresh spring waters flowing all the way from the mountain-top of Mt. Talinis, word eventually got around and soon neighbors even strangers would ask the couple if they could visit the place. Eventually the couple thought of turning the place into a resort to cater the needs and wants of the people so they hired few staff and managed the resort. The resort is fully functional with deluxe rooms to accommodate large groups of people.

Forest Camp Accommodations

The road to The Forest Camp is lined with tall trees and flowers of different colors clinging to the trees, and of course fresh air. The resort has three huge swimming pools with fresh spring water with delicately landscaped plants surrounding each. Families can choose to rent tables, picnic huts, and rooms which can accommodate a big group. It is ideal for family picnic, family outing and get together with family and friends.

The resort  has four family cottages for visitors who plan to spend the night, five small huts built for small groups for picnics, one function hall, a man-made waterfall, and a gorgeous landscaped garden perfect for your next event.

Recently the resort built a zipline and other fun sports facilities that will quench the guests’ thirst for adventure. There is a fish pond where you can catch a fish and have them grilled to perfection by the resort staff. Aside from being a perfect place for wholesome family picnics, the resort is also great  for quaint weddings, wedding anniversaries, reunions, and other gatherings.

One of the highlights of the resort is the hanging bridge located in the middle of the resort and will give you the best view of the entire Forest Camp.

How to Get to The Forest Camp in Valencia

The easiest way to get to the resort is to rent a motorbike and follow the straight road leading to Valencia proper. Another alternative would be to hire a van and let the driver take you straight to Forest Camp from wherever you are staying in the City of Dumaguete or at any of the surrounding Dumaguete Hotels and Resorts.

The most budget friendly choice for transportation is to take a pedicab to the jeepney terminal bound for Valencia Market.  Just ask the driver to take there so you can get the next jeepney headed to Valencia. The jeepneys leave every 10-20 minutes or when full.. Once you arrive at the Valencia market where the jeepney usually drops off its passenger then you simply hire another pedicab to take you to The Forest Camp. You can make the entire trip for less than PHP 100 per person. Plan to spend about an hour getting there is you choose to take the public transportation. Many visitor find traveling this way is part of the journey as you sit aside the locals as they go about their daily activities. One other thing to note is that there is daily entrance fee of less than PHP 100 for both adults and kids at Forest Camp to enjoy the amenities. 

For the more adventurous types many visitors choose to rent scooters downtown for around PHP 250-300 per day to make the journey up to Forest Camp, Casaroro Falls, and the Red Rock Hot  Springs located in Valencia, Negros Oriental. The trip by scooter takes around 20-25 minutes and gives you the ability to stop and see the many sites along way at your own pace. 


Forest Camp

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Forest Camp