Fil-Am Jap Amity Shrine

Whether be in the morning or night, the perfect place for relaxation and meditation is the Filipino-Japanese Amity Memorial Shrine. Located in the municipality of Valencia, the little “Baguio” version of Negros Oriental.

It stands as a sacred place of the many lives that were taken during the World War II. It was also built to remember the Japanese, American, and Filipino encounter where the actual war took place. It's is also a remembrance of the closure to a dreadful era and a commencement of peace and friendship of the countries involved.

The Beauty of the Filipino-Japanese Amity Memorial Shrine

The ideal time of the day to pay the Japanese Shrine a visit is during daytime or better yet at the crack of dawn. Before the road was paved, the way going to the Japanese Shrine wasn’t accessible by car or any other vehicle bigger than a motorcycle. Hence, people didn’t have enough choice but to walk towards the shrine. However, the adventurers who ventured into the journey going up ended up with really good reviews of their unforgettable experience.

With the cold breeze of the air in early morning, and away from the noise of the city you will never feel tired hiking all the way up. The chirping of the early birds in the background makes up the whole package and you don’t see anything but green as far as the eyes can see.

It is also a one of the most perfect destination for lovers. Going up at night is another experience one cannot afford to miss. The cicadas’ serenades lovers, the cold weather that makes lovers cling to each other and the breathtaking view of the night life of Dumaguete City just down below. Like a movie scene at night.

Traveling from Dumaguete to Valencia

Located at the foot of Mt. Talinis, another tourist attraction in Negros Oriental, it would take around 20 minutes travel from Dumaguete City to Valencia proper and another 30 to 40 going up the shrine. Most tourists that usually go up hire tourist guides for it is quite tricky especially during rainy season.

One can take the public transportation at the Valencia Terminal located in Colon Street Dumaguete City. Or rent a van for half a day to take you back and forth.

Fil-Am Jap Amity Shrine

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Fil-Am Jap Amity Shrine