Casaroro Falls

Each town, municipality, and city in Negros Oriental  has something different and unique to offer to its visitors and Valencia is no exception. If you happen to be looking for a place to visit where its cooler temperature wise compared to all the rest then visit the mountain town of Valencia. Referred to by locals as the little Baguio of the province Valencia is a great town to explore when you are looking to avoid the heat. Said to be the most photographed waterfalls in all of Negros, Casaroro Falls is without a doubt one of the most famous. The falls are located just 9.4 km from Dumaguete City.

If you are considering a visit to Forest Camp or the World War II museum then Casaroro Falls is definitely another gem that you should check out while in Valencia. What makes this waterfall majestic is its single ninety-foot drop. With a breathtaking backdrop against giant rocks. Take a swim in the cold basin below for a refreshing break from the heat.

The waterfall is unique because it is considerably more narrow compared to all the other waterfalls on the island. Huge trees, flora, and fauna surround the area. Although it may be narrow, the water that plummets down is surprisingly heavy. When it crashes against the rocks the water emits a roaring sound that explorers and adventurers will definitely like.

Adventure to Casaroro Falls Valencia

Derived from the name “Casa ni Roro” or “Roro’s House” getting to Casaroro Falls is a whole lot of adventure. Steep and slippery mountain paths await you and other interesting and challenging obstacles such as the bumpy rocky road and of course the ultimate 350 steps before getting to the waterfall. The adventure starts when you climb down these steps, cross a short bridge and do a little trekking to see the actual falls. It's a tiring journey but, it's definitely worth the experience.

How to get to Casaroro Falls

Take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at the Valencia Terminal (located in Santa Rosa Street close to the Public Market). Fare: PHP 10 per person. Once you get to the terminal, take a 30-minute jeepney ride to the city proper of Valencia.(PHP 12-15 per person). The jeepneys are on a standby waiting for passengers until 10 PM. One contact person for a jeepney is Alex Joy @ 09068275123. Upon arriving in the city proper of Valencia you can find a habal-habal (motorcycle that can accommodate more than 3) near the jeepney terminal and they will charge you around 100 pesos per person for a one-way ride to the entrance of Casaroro Falls. 

Note: It is advisable that you negotiate with your habal-habal driver and arrange for him to pick you up as drivers rarely go there without passengers. The habal-habal driver will drop you off at the entrance of the Casaroro Falls and you will need to pay for the entrance fee (PHP 10 for the locals and PHP 100 for foreigners).

We highly recommend you consider renting scooters downtown Dumaguete near the C & L just a few blocks from the Dumaguete City Tourism Office for around PHP 250 for the entire day. You can easily accommodate 2 people per scooter and this way you can stop and see all of the sites we recommend below on your day up to Valencia.

Other Tourist Attractions in Valencia

Make a day of Valencia because there is plenty to see and do. Aside from Casaroro Falls you can also visit The Forest Camp which is a natural manmade park with ponds, streams and cottages good for picnic, where they also offer overnight accommodation. Valencia’s many hot spring spots like Ocean 24 and Red Rocks (Pulangbato) Hot Springs. Another great place to visit on your way up to Valencia is a newly built neighborhood by local real estate developer Phil South is Tierra Alta. This an elevated subdivision that has with a great views and the lush green landscape of Valencia and the down towards the sea overlooking the city of Dumaguete. Tierra Alta offers overnight accommodations, a zipline, an infinity pool (one of the nicest in all of Dumaguete) and a great restaurant. Please note they are closed on Mondays.


Casaroro Falls

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Casaroro Falls