Talabong Mangrove Park

Only 45 Kilometers North of Dumaguete City, the Talabong Mangrove Park is a 400-hectare wide mangrove forest which naturally favors bird and wildlife habitation. The Tabalong Mangrove Park is another must see tourist destination in Bais City. The fun begins at the 5,968 boardwalk platform.The sanctuary is home to native birds and other wildlife.  You'll have the chance to see birds fly the pristine canopy as you take in the symphony of whistles and chirps.  The Talabong Mangrove Park is truly a fascinating and enjoyable experience.

The park provides an educational experience to both biologists on an avian study and tourists visiting the place for enjoyment. This protected park homes different bird species and wildlife. It is an ultimate picture perfect location with plenty of opportunities for shutter bugs to put their fancy cameras to work.

Boat reservations can be done with a phone call to either the tourism office of Bais or the local boat owners. The tourism office rents out government boats at a slightly lower rate than the other charter boats. Usually, the travel schedule begins at around 6 am and ends at 4pm with the following destinations:

Tañon Strait Dolphin Watching Tours

Manjuyod White Sandbar - Also know as the Bais White Sandbar this is where tourists have their lunch, swims, sunbath, scuba dive and snorkel.

Talabong Mangrove Park - This is usually the final destination for the boat reservation package.

Lunch can be simple grilled food prepared within the boat. The Bais tourism office officials usually help visitors to buy food and grilling ingredients at the local market. Tourists are also allowed to buy and carry meals of their own preference.

Note that on reservation, you have a chance to adjust to your own schedule. It is advisable to book with the tourism office.

Talabong Mangrove Park

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Talabong Mangrove Park