Mt. Kanlaon

Mt Kanlaon is the largest active volcano and highest mountain in the Visayas.  It's located in the heart of Negros Oriental and serves as the backdrop to vast stretches of wide-open sugarcane fields.  The beauty of Mt. Kanlaon draw travelers closer as they explore the pristine waterfalls, lakes, and lagoons nestled in amongst the forests surrounding the mountain's peak.  It's only when you reach the top and look out across it's vast crater that you can start to truly appreciate the massive power and destructive force that lies beneath.

The Legend(s) of Mt. Kanlaon

The folklore of this volcano started with the original inhabitants of this region.  Their supreme deity Kan Laon was central to the mythology of these people with the crater of Mt. Kanlaon serving as the center of the universe.  This crater was a gateway to universe's energy and power.

Another story “La-on and the Seven-Headed Dragon” tells the tale of the seven-headed dragon born out of Mt. Kanlaon.  The dragon would terrorize villagers in the area raining down fire that destroyed homes and decimated crops.  The only thing that would stop the dragon's terror was the sacrifice of a beautiful maiden every year.  This was done for ages until the time came when the only woman left was the King's own daughter.  Unable to sacrifice his own blood the King called out all of the brave men in the area offering a reward to whomever could slay the dragon.  Prince La-on came to the rescue by using his knowledge of nature aided by animals that helped him slay the dragon.  As his reward he received the Princess's hand in marriage and was given the mountain as a tribute to his heroic actions.  That is why the name Mt. Kan Laon has it's roots in word Laon or “the exalted”.  

Dumaguete to Canlaon

Canlaon is located 170 kilometers away in the far norther portion of Negros Oriental.  Ceres buses travel to the area regularly from Dumaguete but with the recent decrease in the number of routes run you may find yourself packed in.  If you are taking the bus go early as the 3 hour ride can be pretty brutal in the mid-day sun.  Vans are also available for private hire and may make the most sense for larger groups.  

Mt Kanlaon Crater Tours

The Wasay and Guintubdan trails will lead you up the mountain.  Starting on the Wasay trail's entrance adjacent to the Mambucai Resort you'll be escorted on a two-day trek up to the edge of the forest line. Trekkers make camp at Harding Sand Balo.  The name of this campsite means “Garden of the Widow” and serves as the site of the only water source en-route to the crater's edge.  Once past widow's garden you begin to see a transformation in the type of trees and vegetation. The scene becomes desolate as you hike up the crater's wall only hinting at the powerful force contained below. 

Mambucai Resort

Mambucai Resort is located on the grounds of a natural hotspring. The resort offers a number of activities perfect for travelers looking to get out and explore the area or just relax in one of the resorts freshwater pools or hot springs.  Mambucai also offers several other tours of the area including eco-adventure tours to the surrounding forests and waterfalls.

Mt. Kanlaon

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Mt. Kanlaon