Cris-Fil's Lodge Rooms & Rates

Chris Fil's Lodge is located of of Flores Rd in Piapi's Beach north of downtown Dumaguete about 200 meters south of Hayahay.  This 26 room inn is tucked away on the left hand side if you are headed north from downtown headed to Hayahay.

There are a number of room types available including air-con rooms with private CRs and two single beds costing P600 per night.  While a fan room and a double bed only cost P220.  Chis Fil's features a small gym, laundry service, and have a small dining area. All rooms are wifi ready but be sure to ask them prior to booking if you can get a room closer to the wifi router to ensure you have signal in your room.  This is a discrete hotel tucked away from the busy downtown.

You'll find things to do just a short walk up Flores Ave with a number of bars and restaurants that have cropped up in this area north of town.  Most notably Hayahay which serves as an anchor to smaller restaurants serving up an assortment of cuisine including wood-fired pizza, tacos, chicken barbecue, and an endless list of specialties served by Lab-as seafood.  You can also pick up trike going south and be in the Center downtown in just a few minutes.

Around Chris Fil's Lodge

Other discrete hotels around the area include Ornamental Lodge right around the corner and JJ Hotelier which is further south towards the center of downtown right across from Tocino Country Dumaguete. Tocino Country is a basketball court by day.  At night a number of vendors selling sticks of BBQ chicken, pork, bits, and bobs start to appear.  These vendors will also serve you up (sometimes) cold beer. There always seems to be friendly locals around looking to spark a conversations with foreigners that are new to town.

Where is Chris Fil's Lodge?

If you've been in town for any length of time and been to Hayahay you've probably passed it.  After Triple B's bar be on the lookout for a blue sign on the left.  If you've reached Hayahay then it's probably best to flag down a trike and ask them for directions or even follow them and have them point it out.  It can be easy to miss.  It's almost gauranteed that any local you may meet in the area is sure to know where this is as it is know as an inexpensive place to spend the night or just rest for a short-time.


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