Dumaguete & Dauin Dive Resorts - Dumaguete City

Dumaguete & Dauin Dive Resorts

Finding the Best Dive Spots:  There are just so many Dumaguete resorts to choose from, so how does one make a decision on where to go? Unless you have a strong referral from someone, most people either take the advice of a travel agent, or do a little of their own online research. Turning to impartial sites like cityofdumaguete.com is a wise choice, since who would know better than a local site? Most of the really awesome beach resorts are south of Dumaguete and include the towns of Bacong, Dauin and Zambuangita. While there are also some nice places to the north, most don't have the nice sand beaches found in the south. The main reason for this is the current that passes between the islands of Cebu and Negros Oriental, known as the Taon Strait. This fast moving current slows down considerably as it reaches the southern most Dumaguete resorts.

Located Centrally Between all the Dumaguete Resorts

Proximity to the best dive sites is another important factor. If you are staying at a centrally located hotel or dive resort, you will have less travel time between the various dive sites. From the secluded white sand bar of Sumilam Island to the north, as well as the gorgeous dive sites all around the island of Siquijor, to the world renowned Apo Island in the south, choosing a Dumaguete resort that is near to each of them will save time and allow you to do more diving. It will also play a huge part of the cost of each dive tour.