Outdoor Sports & Recreation - Dumaguete City

If you think there are no outdoor activities in Dumaguete City, think again! On top of all the ocean activities such as snorkeling and diving Dumaguete City and the other neighboring municipalities in Negros Oriental offer a wide variety of outdoor and recreational activities that will keep you busy and fit.


If you are craving for some fun in the fresh air with the lush green trees surrounding the area, Dumaguete has you covered. Grab your bike, water bottle, outdoor shoes, because the possibilities are boundless.


Outdoor and Recreational Activities in Negros Oriental


Embark on your next adventure with one of the many registered tour and activity providers that offer tour guides and instructors for a wide range of activities within the province.


Mountain Climbing – The Mt. Talinis, a complex volcano and is one of the most famous mountains nationwide and the most sought-after by the mountaineers. Many adventurers are yearning to set foot on the trails and routes and finally to reach the tip of the mountain. It is also famous of its natural lakes surrounded by mountains. It is located nine kilometers from the municipality of Valencia and twent kilometers from Dumaguete City. The Local Government Unit of Negros Oriental requires mountain climbers especially the amateurs to hire tour guide in going to the volcano.


Bird watching – not only is Dumaguete rich in marine life with endangered species beneath the surface of the sea, there are also rare birds that can only be found in Negros Oriental. These peculiar birds can be found lurking around the mountains of Valencia that will surely appeal to every bird enthusiasts. The famous mountain resort, Forest Camp, also has birds that reside within the vicinity. One can hire a habal-habal that will take you all the way to Valencia Mountains.


Sailing – though there are no yacht or boat rental in Dumaguete City, the Tambobo Bay located south of Negros Oriental is one of the most famous places in the country that most foreigners with big boats dwell. Most of these foreigners sail around the island.


Golf – Dumaguete may be a relatively small town and with modest populace, golf just like the rest of the world is one of the most active sports played by many Dumaguetenous. Negros Oriental also has a handful of golf clubs and resorts. One of which is the famous Ang Tay Golf Course, located just right in the heart of the city.


Spelunking and Caving – people who are not afraid of tight places, no lights, slippery ground, and bugs, the municipality of Mabinay has it all. With over 400 caves, the Local Government of Mabinay is upholds these natural wonders and offers it to the public with of course careful precautions.  

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