Aqua-landia Dauin Resort - Dauin

Aqua-landia Dauin Resort

While it's true there is no shortage of breathtaking Dumaguete resorts to choose from, just a few more suggestions and you will see why travelers and locals alike have chosen Aqua-Landia Dauin Resort as the  favorite resorts in around town.  

Why We Chose Aqua-Landia Dauin Resort as the Best Tourist Destination

  • Cost per Night - No matter what your budget, the cost per night is always a factor. With only about ten rooms, this Dumaguete resort is considered a "boutique resort" and has very competitive pricing.
  • Food & Drink Costs - The prices for meals and drinks are fair, yet delicious. You can look forward to trying out some of the local Filipino fare prepared by local chefs as well as nice variety of American and European foods.
  • Amenities & Features - One of the favorites of this hotel is the swim-up bar. A spacious pool which connects to a full bar for true rest and relaxation.
  • Things to do & See - Aqua-Landia Dauin Resort also has guided ATV tours! If you're a diver, you will certainly want something to do on your day off and what could be more fun than riding a four-wheeler high into the mountains to Casaroro Falls.

Aqua Landia Guided Tours

Aqua-landia offers a number of guided tours for tourists looking to explore this round in areas of Dauin and Dumaguete City.  The ATV tour by Aqua-landia Resort will take you into paths not regularly seen by tourists and give you the opportunity to see the hidden hotsprings around Dauin.  

Take a look at the Rooms at Aqua-Landia Dauin Resort for booking information and to learn more about why Aqua-landia is one of the top Dumaguete resorts in the area.