Apo Island - Negros Oriental

Located just 25 kilometers south of Dumaguete City, Apo Island is a small village of less than 1,000 residents that has some of the best dive spots in all of the Philippines. Best known for it's underwater activities Apo Island has a number of dive spots to explore. Don't miss swimming with the turtles while you are there as well.

Apo Island is one of the first protected marine sanctuaries in the area dating back to a program initiated by a Silliman University professor back in the 1980's. It all started with a program to study if the fast degrading marine resources could be saved by reversing the deterioration caused by overfishing. The island leaders liked what they saw and implemented conservation guidelines aimed to defend illegal and highly destructive fishing practices that we previously allowed. In 2014 the Philippine Tourism Board named Apo Island as a "Top 100 Gem." 

Getting to Apo Island From Dumaguete City

The small 12 hectare volcanic Island is a short 7 kilometer boat ride from the Zamboanguita pier located just a 20 kilometer jeepney (Zamboanguita Jeepney terminal is located behind Robinsons Mall - Dumaguete) or take the Ceres bus ride headed south of Dumaguete City bound for Bayawan City. Expect this journey down to the peer to take between 35-45 minutes using public transportation and you can budget for around 50 pesos per person.

Once you arrive at the peir make sure you register at the information center to get your name of the list for the next available pump boat over to Apo. The boat ride takes between 45-60 minutes depending on the size of the vessel. The boat  ride costs vary depending on the size and number of passengers. For a round trip expect to spend about PHP 2,000 for medium size boat which is good for 4 passengers or P3,000 for a bigger boat good for up to 8 passengers. 

There is a P100 per person – Apo Island Marine Sanctuary Fee for all those looking to scuba or snorkel. Also, please note that camping in tents is strictly prohibited. There are a few different places to stay depending on your budget. It's also important to note that electricity is only available from 6am-9pm.