Apo Island Beach Resort - Apo Island

Apo Island Beach Resort

Apo Island Beach Resort is the only full-service resort on Apo Island.  This 12 hectare volcanic island is located a short boat ride off the coast with easy access from resorts in Dauin and the Zambongita Wharf. Apo Island is best known for the great snorkeling and diving spots off it's pristine coastline.  The Apo Island Marine Sanctuary was established with the help of Silliman University and is one of the oldest in the Philippines. 

The Apo Island Beach Resort is the ONLY resort on the island that features a Apo Island is a remote destination.  Travelers looking for air-con rooms and chlorinated swimming pools are better to stay at one of the resorts in Dauin.  Power to the island is intermittent and generally only runs for about 3 hours per day.  However, Apo Island Resort does have a back up generator that runs from from 6PM to 11PM to keep your gadgets charged.  What you give up in modern conveniences you are rewarded with in peaceful tranquility, stretches of white-sand beaches, and of course some of the finest opportunities to get up close with the marine wildlife that call this area home.

Apo Island Beach Resort Rooms

Apo Island Beach Resort: Apo Island Beach Resort is the window resort of the turtle island. In fact, it is the only resort in Apo Island where your enjoyment both above and underwater is guaranteed. The resort offers unique cottages located on the hillside of the private cove overlooking the scenic ocean along the white sand beach.

Golden Cowrie Rooms:  Golden Cowrie is PHP 3,400 a night.
Lower Triton Rooms:  Lower Triton 2,800.
Surf Rooms:  Surf 1 & 2 for only PHP 2,800.
Upper Triton Rooms:  Upper Triton PHP 2,700. 
Residence Rooms:  Residence PHP 2,700.
Dormitory Rooms:  Dormitory rooms are available for 800 per person. 

Apo Island Beach Resort also offer day activities such as touring the island with a boat, diving and snorkeling.  The resort provides its own dive instructors to assist guests and guided hiking tours to the lighthouse, walking through the local village, and visiting to the Marine Sanctuary.  Apo Island Resort is a great place to expore the underwater life Apo Island and experience island life where at the village where you can meet and greet with the locals.

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